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Other Cutter Supplies

Book Guides, #5-7-M361 $26 (Each)
Book Guides are generally purchased in pairs, and clamp directly on your paper cutter's backgauge to allow for easy and safe trimming of saddle-stitched booklets and other related media.

Cutter Care Kit, #16077 $77
Keep your new cutter in top condition. This kit provides everything necessary to clean and preserve cutter tables. Includes silicone release spray, rust remover, and table wax.
Cutter Safety & You!, #CSAU_VIDEO $25
Paper cutter safety video by the Challenge Machinery Company outlines aspects paper cutter safety. This video should be included in your organization’s safety program and viewed by every cutter operator.
Mobile Waste Wagon, #41058 $128
Impact-resistant polyethylene cart with a six cubic-foot capacity. Large casters for easy maneuvering helps reduce the potential of employee injury from wrestling with overloaded steel waste drums.



Cutter Supplies

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